Carrot Quinoa Salad with Spicy Peanut Dressing

1 cups quinoa, rinsed

 2 cups water 

1 cup grated carrots 

1 medium green bell pepper (capsicum) chopped/sliced 

1 cup celery in ½ inch chunks

 ¼ cup dried cranberries


2 tbs smooth peanut butter 

2 tbs rice vinegar 

2 tbs Braggs liquid aminos 

1/2 tsp hot red pepper flakes

 1 small clove garlic, pressed

Bring the water to a boil, add quinoa, cover and simmer 13 minutes. 

Remove from heat and let stand covered until all water is absorbed.

 Reserve some of the carrots and peppers to garnish your salad at the end, and toss all the vegetables and cranberries with the qunioa.

Whisk together dressing ingredients and stir into your salad. 

Serve immediately or chill for several hours to let the flavors blend.

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