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Essential Oils Presentation

Essential Oils 101- The Fundamentals 

Internal Spring Cleaning

Leaky gut, healing from the inside out.

The Truth About Weight Loss

Beyond how we feed ourselves

What My Clients Say

I am forever Thankful. I was recommended to Lesley by another one of her clients.

Rebecca B.

It was by chance that I encountered Lesley, I still believe she was gudied to me. I instilled my trut in her after our first conversation

Ruby Zoiestie

Lesley you are one of a kind! Your knoweldgable about getting people to lve as healthy life as possible. Living with IBS for 20 years and with your guidance I am symptom free.

Sheri Gutberg

Lesley, I don't know where to start, how can I thank you for what you have given me? How did I let 20 years of my life pass me, being a prisoner of my own health.


Lesley, thank you for everyhting you have done for me and my family

Kristina Barbie

Lesley, I am so friggen freatful to have found you and seeked your help. I had been working on my health for a few years but with your help and assment everyhting changed!

Raphaella - Magda

Lesley Rubinoff is kind and never once have I felt pressured to buy anything from her. She made it about me and my goals.


My Sin is very impuslive, reactive and hyper, I reached out to Lesley for help with essential oils. The changes we have seen are remarkable im a VERY short time. We have a calmer, happier boy!

Julie Koruna

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