Epic Transformation 226/365 days on juice, a couple of years and ultimate happiness….

I went back and looked at photos. I can’t believe my own transformation. At a time I was terrified to take photos, none that I was proud to ever share. Not because I was overweight but because I was truly unhappy. My internal struggles and my journey to self discover and self respect. There was a time where I was literally so unhappy with myself, not just physically but mentally and emotionally. I made a choice to seek my own happiness and every single experience has got me to where I am today. I have grown and I have learnt what internally happiness is. Letting go of all the burdens and ridding my life of negativity and unhappiness. My result is evident , my weight was always an exterior layer hiding me… Someone I now look at and love and respect. I continue on my journey to find ultimate happiness and self fulfillment , beyond my interior beauty I find my external self respect and love for me. Search deep within yourself to discover what is really there… My health has become my happiness and has opened my world to whatever it is I want and desire. The world is my oyster! Love , light and happiness. 

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