What My Clients Have To Say...

Rebecca B.

I was recommended to Lesley by another client of hers. I'm 27 years old and have suffered with debilitating stomach issues my whole life. Every doctor, ever test I endured always came back with, "there's nothing wrong  with you". But I couldn't go without throwing up, sever bloating and gas, irregular bowel movements , ether diarrhea or constipation . My menstruation was a nightmare , and would make me bed ridden. I have been working with Lesley in her 12 week program, we are in our 4th week.  I am down 11 lbs , my migraines are gone, my stomach has never felt so amazing , my mind is not foggy, I am sleeping at night and my whole world is different. I never quite understood the importance of nutrients and how the body works. This truly was the best investment I have ever made, I am eagerly awaiting what the next two months have in store!

Ruby Zoiestie

It was by chance that I encountered Lesley, I still believe she was guided to me. I instilled my trust in her after our first conversation. She was poised with confidence and a wealth of knowledge beyond anyone I had spoken to. I was in a place in my life that I would refer to as a health crisis, I had done it all to my knowledge tried it all and to no avail, I was still stuck. Decided to work with Lesley one on one in her 12 week program, 100 percent customized to me. Within days, things started shifting, I started noticing changes , pain relief , digestion relief and even sleep. Having a frozen shoulder for over a year now turning on my sides and sleeping on the frozen shoulder is almost impossible and last night I was able to because the inflammation was down. Beyond that was the emotional breakthroughs and self awareness, love and worth that Lesley slapped me in the face with. I'm about 3.5 weeks into her program and truly I am so grateful that I choose to invest in myself. The rewards I am reaping could never be matched by any $ amount. For anyone who's stuck or who thinks there's no solution, talk with Lesley. There is hope and there is healing. Will update you all in a few weeks, but I just had to share as I'm so ecstatic and felt I needed to acknowledge my health guru!

Sheri Gutberg

Lesley you are one of a kind! Your so knowledgeable about getting people to live as healthy life as possible! Living with ibs for over 20 years and with your guidance i am symptom free! I have never felt so good! Life changer for me! Everyone must do your 12 week program!! Only a few weeks in and cant imagine how much better it could get!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!


Lesley, I don't know where to start, how can I thank you for what you have given to me? How did I let 20 years of my life pass me, being a prisoner of my own health , merely by the choices I was making? I can eat real food , I no longer fear food as a trigger to my illness, I no longer have to take 13 different prescriptions, I sleep, my body feels no pain and I'm no longer in a state of sadness. I choose to invest in myself and I have never made a better purchase. Beyond my guide and mentor, you have become someone I call a friend. In the last 4 months you have showed up for me every single time , everyday, with kindness and compassion and that extra kick in the butt. Lesley, from the depths of my heart, THANK YOU. "

Kristina Barbie

Lesley, thank you for everything you have done for me and my family! For always being there for us and always giving me the best advice! With everything my kids were going through you just knew what to do. Thank you so so much! You know your oils and everything to make one healthy!!! No matter when I message you I get an reply within minutes! I am really blessed to know you!!

Raphaella - Magda

Lesley, so friggen grateful to have found you and seeked your help. I've been having on going problems with my health that I had been working on for a few years now. I was on the right path and doing mostly the right things but with an assessment from Lesley we tweaked my diet further, added some more suppliments, and added an essential oil protocol to aggressively combat one of my problem areas. I started the diet and suppliment addition in December then added the oil protocol a couple weeks ago and today I had a follow up live blood cell analysis and the analyst was in shock at the improvement. Very excited to see the changes that will come from getting myself back on track and looking forward to continuing all that was suggested. Things I've noticed too is my energy is up, my skin is even clearer and clothing is fitting looser. Thanks again

Julie Koruna

My son is very impulsive, reactive and hyper. I asked for Lesley's help with essential oils. She recommended vetiver, DDR prime and she said to deal with his digestive issues first. So within 2 days of using zengest, his mood improved to a much happier mood and so did his digestion. Using the vetiver and the DDR Prime just added to his overall well being. The changes we have seen are remarkable, positive and life changing for our family. We have a calmer and happier boy!

Jade Firkser

Lesley Is so amazing! Just a few months ago she introduced me to essential oils and now I have a thriving collection! I'm so amazed at the knowledge that she has- I can name any aliment that I have and she knows exactly what oils to use and how to use them. My mother and even my dogs have also benefited from her knowledge! I am so in love with my oils and all that they do for me, I can't be more thankful for Lesley

Kim Schweitzer

Lesley you are a powerhouse of information and I can't tell you how grateful I am for having been introduced to you and your vast amount of nutritional knowledge. I was suffering for 3 months with digestive issues after having drastically changing my diet for the better but the change took an unexpected and uncomfortable toll on my digestive system. I eliminated dairy, meats and was eating mostly raw vegetables but still I was uncomfortable and having difficulty with my gut. With Lesley's advise of drinking bone broth and eliminating all grains from my diet every thing changed within days. My tummy discomfort is gone and I'm digesting properly again. I love this woman.

Lisa Minaker

So I don't feel so helpless anymore when it comes to my PCOS. For anyone who doesn't know about it, for women who have it, it hampers your fertility. Often times, women have to go through fertility treatment to get pregnant. Here's to hoping I won't ever have to. Some of you know I started a while back with essential oils to help with this. Well, they seem to have gotten my body on track to a place it has never actually been before. I felt crappy yesterday and according to the tracker app I use I should have been ovulating. So upon getting home from work, I took one. It was positive! No I'm not planning for kids any time soon but this lets me know what I'm doing is indeed working. So thank you Lesley Rubinoff

😄. So thank you 

Lisa Minaker

Lesley Rubinoff I can't thank you enough for helping me. As a woman who is one of the ten percent or more of women who suffers from PCOS, after a month on the oils, I got my second period naturally. Some might not think this is a big deal but it is. PCOS often causes women to have no periods at all. Among other things. So for this to happen without needing to be on birth control, it's kind of big. So people, essential oils are no joke. They work for a multitude of things. Not just PCOS.

Eyal Pinchasi

My brother and I were looking to clean up our diets and were ready to detox. Lesley got us set up with an amazing detox program. In less then a week we started to feel the change. My brother and I were out for a Hike and could not believe the energy we had after a intense 2 hour hike. We both agree that our cognitive function has improved and there is no fogginess. Lesley is a fountain of knowledge, she make you feel very comfortable and she is very honest and trust worthy.

Tina Padilla

Lesley, Just wanted to update you on our progress. Here is my 4 year old autistic son celebrating his first Halloween in costume!!! The last time we were able to get him to dress up was when he was 6 months old. I applied Serenity to his soles and In Tune to the back of his neck right before we left and he had a blast! We decided to trick or treat in a local outdoor mall. Normally this setting is challenging, as Leo obsesses over continuely riding escalators or climbing stairs and throws tantrums when try and transition to other activities. There were crowds of people that didn't faze him and he did not become obsessed with repeatedly climbing the stairs or riding the escalators or elevator like he normally does. The best part was when we visited an arcade and he shot 4 basketball hoops celebrating himself with a loud "hooray, good job!" after each one. 😂😂😂 Week one has been filled with steady gains and proof for our family that these oils are REALLY working, and it's not just a fluke. THANK YOU Lesley Rubinoff ❤❤❤

Melissa Wills

My family has benefited so much from Lesley Rubinoff! I had heard about essential oils before, but through her, I have been educated on the many different kinds of oils and how to effectively use them. I can direct message her anytime and know I will get advice that day. She really cares about people and wants to educate them to live healthier lives. She has helped my family with gut health, earaches, coughs, headaches, cuts, poison ivy, depression, anxiety..just to name a few that we have used essential oils with. Thank you so much Lesley. When I know Im making a bad choice in food I can hear her telling me, No grains, no sugar, no dairy lol!

Tina Padilla

This is my 4 year old autistic son wearing his therapeutic headphones and actually sitting through, not one, but two, 15 minute long sessions of his listening therapy. Why am I so excited about this? Because we have been trying, everyday, for three weeks to get him to wear and sit for his listening therapies with lots of tears, tantrums and the longest we've gone was 4 minutes. But today was different. Today, following Lesley's consultation, I applied frankincense to the top of my son's head, Balance to the soles of his feet and when I presented his headphones his response was remarkable and completely unexpected!!!!He took the headphones, placed them over his ears, sat on the sofa and actually enjoyed his listening therapy for the first time.Only parent's of Autistic children will understand the gratitude and sheer elation our family is experiencing right now. AND IT'S ONLY THE FIRST DAY!!! Thank you so much for the healing you are giving our family.

Julia Stein

The Doterra essential oils are changing my life. Using lavender and vetiver for sleep, easy air on my husband for snoring and more remedies recommended by Lesley Rubinoff have been some of the best changes I've incorporated into my life. Thank you so much for your guidance and for helping me rest better and live better! XO

Jessica Steiner

Lesley suggested I get the Doterra Essential Oil Diffuser because I struggle with sleeping. I have been using it for a week now and have been having the deepest, most restful sleeps ever! I have been mixing lavender, vetiver and clary sage. Thank you so much Leslie! You have saved me yet again!!! xo

Melissa Greeder

I love learning about new healthy ways to help my family. I'm always trying to find healthier ways to eat, but lately I have wanted to expand that knowledge into essential oils. Since this past spring, my health started to fail. I was struggling with severe eczema, physical pain and severe exhaustion. I met Lesley and she instantly helped me by giving me some great ideas for dietary changes. She suggested essential oils I could use and guided me to places where I could learn more about them. Since July, my eczema is nearly gone. My pain is minimal and I have energy to play with my kids again. My kids have gotten their first cold and have overcome it in record time, without the use of any toxic chemicals. I LOVE essential oils. I love that they are safe to use for my whole family. I've used them for wrist pain, eczema, a friend's pain from a broken bone, anxiety, for calmer kids, to help my kids focus at school, cleaning the house and the list could go on. Thank you, Lesley, for all of your help! You are always there if I need you and you are quick to respond. You are genuine in your desire to help and I appreciate you so much! 


Kylee Gambrell

Appreciation post ; I just wanted to give a big thank you to Lesley. So thankful for finding you and getting introduced to essential oils. Essential oils came along at the perfect time in my family's lives. They've helped with everything from reversing my hair loss, to unclogging my hubby's stuffed nose at night, relieving gassy and teething babies, and even balancing out my hormones. That's just a month in to using them. These oils will be apart of my family's lives fo the rest of our lives !

 — with Lesley Rubinoff.

Andy Patterson

Big shout to the Hip Montreal Medicine Woman!! 

:) Had a horrible gastrointestinal issue for over a week (stomach virus or food poisoning). Anyways, after fasting for a day and using your Essential Oil recommendations for less than a day, the symptoms subsided and I was able to eat again. Thanks so much hun!! Have a great weekend!! 


 — with Lesley Rubinoff.


When I approached Lesley I had been trying to prepare my uterine lining to be ready for an IVF transfer for 4 months. Each time there was either fluid or it was too thin. Lesley reccomended which essential oils to take as well as to put on my stomach two times each day. The first month, my lining was perfect and I was ready for transfer. Today I am 15 weeks pregnant and everything looks good! I highly recommend the essential oils and working with Lesley to anyone having issues with infertility! I had no idea how much of a difference they could make! 


A friend asked me for something to try that would help with her toe fungus/mold issues.

👣 (sharing this with her permission of course)

I made her a blend and she sent me some before and after pictures. She said "those oils are good, they are working" she saw a dramatic difference within a couple of days. She is still currently treating area.

I love how even the skin around her toes looks so much healthier 👍🏻

Oils: melaleuca, oregano, clove, peppermint + fractionated coconut oil as carrier oil

Jessica Ruiz Salgado

I wanted to take the time to share my testimony about Doterra EO... I met Lesley Rubinoff through a natural healing group who then got me hooked on Doterra... I have four kids, a Hubby and family members and friends that I have used Doterra on and WE are AMAZED at the fast results we get. I would also like to share that the biggest sceptic was my Hubby... He would say, "there you go spending money on stuff that's not gonna work... go to the doctor they know better!"Doterra has helped us with colds, cramps, alergies, headaches, sore muscles, nausea, bug spray, I also use the oils for energy and relaxation... refreshing water add some drops of lemon and grapefruit... airfreshner in the home and car... something I'm still working on is cleaning my gut! There is an endless list of what Doterra oils can do for your health!Lesley, MUCHAS GRACIAS for the coaching you give me anytime I message... you the best!

Ruby Zoisite

Last night my 4 year old daughter hit her head into my collar bone very hard and I almost lost it and screamed. I have a rib that goes under that side of my collar bone. It was so tight and so inflamed and with watching the debates and that happening I got a headache and felt so hurt with the pain from the hit. I was 5 hours north and not at my house but I carry two oils with me just incase. One is OnGuard and the other is Lavender. I was at the end of my rope and then remembered them. ThenLast night my 4 year old daughter hit her head into my collar bone very hard and I almost lost it and screamed. I have a rib that goes under that side of my collar bone. It was so tight and so inflamed and with watching the debates and that happening I got a headache and felt so hurt with the pain from the hit. I was 5 hours north and not at my house but I carry two oils with me just incase. One is OnGuard and the other is Lavender. I was at the end of my rope and then remembered them. Then I took 3 drops of Lavender and put it right on my collar bone. Being that it was under my nose on my chest area I thought maybe it would help me calm down and ease up. I listened to my body and felt a very light tickle or numbing effect right away and then with in less then a min it was gone. I had no coconut oil with me at the moment so I just put it on and it worked liked a CHARM! Within 3 mins my headache was gone my body was not tense any more and I was ready for bed. There was a bonus to this. My mother was there and she also had a headache after watching the debates and was kind enough to stay with me, help me out with my daughter so she was around me with the Lavender oil flying in the air. She said to me that her headache was also gone after staying by me with the Lavender. Thank GOD for the oils! THANK YOU Lesley Rubinoff your a POWER HOUSE of HELP & ENERGY. BLESS You my friend, you are thought of ALWAYS in HIGH REGARD in my house. I had no coconut oil with me at the moment so I just put it on and it worked liked a CHARM! Within 3 mins my headache was gone my body was not tense any more and I was ready for bed. There was a bonus to this. My mother was there and she also had a headache after watching the debates and was kind enough to stay with me, help me out with my daughter so she was around me with the Lavender oil flying in the air. She said to me that her headache was also gone after staying by me with the Lavender. Thank GOD for the oils! THANK YOU Lesley Rubinoff your a POWER HOUSE of HELP & ENERGY. BLESS You my friend, you are thought of ALWAYS in HIGH REGARD in my house.

Jan Adams
Elaine Kohn
Morty Stern
‎Carmelina Orefice

I've been battling fatigue, adrenal issues and weight gain for a few years now. I've tried many different ways of eating and many many different supplements some working to a certain extent but never enough to resolve some of my issues. Lesley contacted me 2 months ago, she asked me if i had tried essential oils. I had not, i think it's one of the only things i hadn't tried. I promised her I would keep an open mind and follow her protocol for a month diligently. With supplements and a few oils we started a detox, honestly i wasn't expecting much. Well, within 2 weeks my energy levels soared. Never experienced anything like that! Fatigue is gone. Sleep like a log. It seems to have also helped reset my circadian rhythm as I now have trouble being my usual night owl. Hormone wise, i was suffering with bad monthly cramps and heavy flow. This month, 2nd cycle since starting, saw a great improvement in cramps and flow. Really curious to see what kind of improvements next month will bring. Thanks Lesley for your passion, knowledge and dedication!

Lara Fournier‎

After 2 years of a struggle with my son and his bowel movements I decided to give oils a try. He had previously been to doctors and natural paths and their remedies did nothing for him. My son wouldn't have bowel movements for 5-6 days and had huge anxiety problems. I tried the oils and he has now been on them for just under 3 weeks. He now is a different child. He has a bowel movements everyday and his anxiety has decreased. He will ow go into a room by himself, tell me it's ok to leave him in the washroom, he doesn't really shy away from people, etc.. So many people have noticed a huge change in him. I am so thrilled I tried the essential oils for him. My sanity thanks you for all your guidance Lesley 😊

‎Ashleigh Newell‎

I lost 8lbs in 8days with Lesley's help! Yay!!!!!

Megan Miles

Just want to do a HUGE Shout out to Lesley Rubinoff for all her helpful information on keeping my family healthy. She has given me so much info on some many different things such as helpful tips on oils, honest info on doterra, and she's pointed me in the right direction on some supplements for my toddler! Any question she has my answer!

She's my go to for so much! Seriously can't thank you enough! I'm so glad I have you to help guide me and help me teach others with my NEW knowledge! 😁❤️❤️❤️😃😃

Sarah Mae Flotka‎

Was struggling with sick stomach and bad panic attacks, after Lesley Rubinoff introduced me to a new essential oil and some fantastic supplements in just 2 weeks I am feeling 60% percent better!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Asi Ben

Thank you for helping me with my stomach problem I had ,the essential oil you gave me that really helped And you directing me to eat right and healthy . Feel much better Thank you so much

Tammy Sands

Just thinking about you also!!😁good, mark has lost 30 lb I've lost 20😁we feel so much better eating this way😁if we cheat, take the weekend off and go back eating our old way, we feel awful😡 and gain 3-4 lb back, everytime we cuss our selves😜

Jasmine Hook

Could not recommended the lovely Lesley Rubinoff enough. All her wise knowledge and patience is very much appreciated. Her expertise in her field is exceptional. Not only has she helped my 14 week old boy with his silent reflux she has also given me the confidence to make the right decisions to change our lifestyles for the better. Thank you so much :)

‎Gabriela Pinedo‎

For the past 6 years I've suffered from severe insomnia. After consulting it with my Doctor I started taking medication, I wouldn't be able to sleep without sleeping pills. I knew eventually I would slowly need to stop taking them; however, it had been a struggle for me since my insomnia and anxiety was severe. I was referred to Lesley Rubinoff by a great friend, and after consulting with her she immediately got me started on some oils... Lavender and vetiver for sleep and anxiety, I been on them for a bit over a month and I have to say the results have been amazing. Not only do I sleep well at night, but I wake up energized and recharged. I'm back on my regular workout routine which had been a struggle for me in the past. I want to thank Lesley for always staying connected and answering all my questions at all times. 😘💕

Crystal Hardee

Thank you so much for all your help! My little Lucy (4) ate 3 slices of watermelon last night with no reaction! Normally she can't even have one slice without getting sick! Her speech has also gotten better since being on digestzen, Ddr prime, and on guard. Next stop is getting the anxiety stuff for us to help the school transition and calm her fear about food. 💜I swear I didn't expect this news for another 2 years at least. Lucy passed cucumbers!! It's finally time to make a plan and kick her cute little pixie face off formula for good this time!

Leslie Kuikka

I want to say that I have used DDR Prime Vitality Pak, Deep Blue, Probiotics and have found a real improvement in my energy level, pain and sleep along with oils I am using. I also want to mention that the Deodorant stick they have is the best I have ever used and I like it is aluminum free. I was very pleased with the help and suggestion of what is best for my need from Leslie Rubinoff. Thank you.😀

Jackie and Ormri Zitelman

Before starting the cleanse and restore and essential oil protocol with Lesley,my stomach was awful. For years I suffered with anything I ate, low energy and endless time in the washroom.Now after a little over 1 month working with Lesley and her direction, my energy is amazing and my stomach has never felt better. I am so impressed and truly did not believe I would see such results in such a short time. I value and understand the importance of food and diet more then I ever was willing to give credit.  Thank you so much! 

Tammie Sands McMahon‎

I have been working with Lesley Rubinoff now for about 2 months! I have lost 15 lb and my husband has lost 21lbs. I wouldn't call this a diet, I would call it a life restructure! I've tried everything from the shakes you drink, to the pills you order in and all you have to do is take two a day and you loose weight! I had very small results, the results I had, I gained back and then some. The recipes she gives you are delicious, the vitamin protocol and essential oils are amazing. I don' t crave sweets or breads. If I happen to sneak some, it just doesn't taste good any more. Thank you Lesley for all the help

Jessica Steiner

For as long as I can remember, I've had stomach issues. Pain, bloating and general discomfort. I started working with Lesley Rubinoff and my experience has been life changing! Leslie started me off on a few of the doTerra essential oils and I noticed immediate relief and healing! I've never really believed in or supported natural/alternative treatments, but Lesley's approach to health and diet has completely changed my mind and my lifestyle. Lesley is very knowledgable and I feel completely confident in trusting her direction. She is also incredibly supportive and checks in on my progress regularly. I can't wait to continue my healthy lifestyle adventure with Leslie's guidance and support!

Seth Lederman‎

I have had a chronic cough, post nasal drip for over two years. I subsequently lost my sense of taste and smell. It's been less than two weeks and my cough is gone with no more mucous production. I am extremely impressed with the results so far! Thanks Lesley! 

May Spackman‎

With my condition and what I experienced, I decided to reach out for some help and I'm glad I found Lesley who is located on the other side of the world. She is very understanding, caring and supportive. I felt a lot better already just talking to her. We have been working together for 4 weeks and I'm seeing a big improvement in that time. Lesley is very knowledgeable and always has sound advice. I'm so happy to have my health back again. Thank you so much --

Patricia Anne‎

I just want to thank you for helping me and my little girl.

I'm so glad I reached out to you, 
The diet and oils are working so well! 

I will show you pictures. The HD line is the most amazing thing ever. We have tried everything out there and this is the only thing that truly works along with the supplements. Everything you recommended is great.

Thanks again, so appreciated!!

Anna Gl

After trying many different diets and supplements for over a year, I decided to listen to the webinar and take a chance with Leslie and learned so much! I was initially somewhat skeptical, but after working together for only 2 weeks, I have noticed a huge improvement in my symptoms including increased energy, reduced acne, as well as my stomach symptoms have greatly improved! She is very helpful, caring, understanding, and incredibly knowledgeable! Thank you for all your help 

Brandon Dollhopf

Hello all..Id just like to take time out to make a statement about Lesley Rubinoff. I found her by accident while reading a random FB post on health..anyway, long story short...I have stage 4 cancer, and decided to not do "conventional" ways to adress it. She has recommended some things to me that may help, and sent me loads of info about juicing and vegan eating. I had no idea about juicing or vegan eating, so I had many many questions. I did not spend much money on oils with her, so all of the help and time she has put in to assist my new lifestyle is DEF not because its been financially beneficial to her. She checks in on me constantly and its truly sincere. In what has been the scariest and most stressful event Ive had to go through, her help has given me peace of mind, which is also very important to my health and beating this. I 100% urge anyone with an issue to reach out to her for assistance. It was a blessing I had no idea would fall in my lap. I have no idea what my fate will be..but as of now, I feel great..great energy, and spirit..with a true feeling that I will not only survive, but be healthier then ever with my new healthy lifestyle