The Purple T-Shirt

But this is far beyond a purple piece of cotton that clothes the body

This Is…














2nd chances






I will never forget putting this t-shirt on for the very first time. It was a bit snug, and I felt slightly uncomfortable in it. However, I had to get beyond these insecurities in order to achieve what I was set out to do. At 268lbs I was in a dangerous position, and I didn’t care how I looked in my shirt or what other people were thinking. Purple is my favourite colour and no matter what I felt good in this shirt!

Not only did this t-shirt save my life, this t-shirt changed my life forever. I wore this very t-shirt for 2 hrs a day 6 days a week, Yes I washed it everyday! I started my weight loss journey in this shirt. More than a weight loss journey, this shirt symbolized my new beginning.

A beginning that guided me down the path of self discovery. The most valuable thing I learned while wearing my t-shirt was to never quit, never give up and to fight every step of the way.

I was only competing with myself, and I am one competitive woman! I was never prepared to lose to my self, there was no room for losing, I was set out only for WINNING!

My t-shirt taught me to love and adapt to an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle has everything to do with natural health, our bodies were designed and programed to move. We have all been blessed with this ability.

Yet far too many of us are too sedentary , lazy unmotivated or willing to use every excuse in the book. I get that everyone is busy, but ask yourself this.. ARE YOU TO BUSY TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF???? TOO BUSY TO BE HEALTHY???? SO BUSY THAT YOU CAN’T find as little as 30 mins a day? … We are all here because we have health in our best interests.. but we must remember that food and nutrition are only half of the equation.

We all know that exercising has benefits:

Sweat…. this t-shirt definitely knows the feeling of being drenched in sweat! Was never a smelly sweater but undoubtedly a wet one! Sweat is a natural and necessary function of our bodies.

Sweating, on a small scale, can burn calories and improve cardiovascular activity. Perspiring requires energy and speeds the heart rate, which requires the body to burn calories.

Deep sweating helps the body cleanse itself and replace older dead cells. Sweat clears bacteria out of surface layers of the skin and from the sweat ducts.

The process of sweating also helps improve circulation from the blood vessels dilating, and gives the skin a fresh look and feel. It also helps to remove a small amount of toxins.

My T-shirt was also my zoloft!

Exercise can fight mild to moderate depression because it helps your body release feel-good hormones and endorphins. Higher intensity exercise, like jogging or aerobics, releases those feel-good hormones while lower intensity exercise, like yoga or Pilates, can help you relax and connect with your body:

  • Increases your sense of mastery, which helps if you don’t feel in control of of your life
  • Increases your energy
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Provides a distraction from your worries
  • Improves your health and body, which can help lift your mood
  • Helps you get rid of built-up stress and frustration
  • Helps you sleep better, which can often be a problem when you’re depressed-

Each day that I put on my T-shirt , I was helping myself combat any potential chronic diseases that were lurking or potentially lying dormat! I was boosting my energy, I was sleeping like champ, the sex drive burst into full effect!

This T-shirt was my ticket to a healthy addiction!

These are just snipets of the benefits of exercise, but there is nothing harmful about getting into shape!

Wearing my t-shirt pushed me to focus, I knew that when I was in this shirt I was prepared to work, and work hard! Ultimately my t-shirt journey helped me truly discover who I am and my potential.

I have learned that no matter what, if you are not happy with yourself, everything else becomes a challenge and an obstacle. When you reach your ultimate level of happiness, you are in a place where you can accomplish whatever you want. All limits are removed and things natural start to fall into place. Thanks to my T-shirt, I am finally happy and I am going after my dreams! My mental space is clear!

Thankfully this t-shirt is now far too big to be worn in the gym, but we still get up close and personally for lounging in the house. I will forever cherish this shirt and I persume it will be sticking around for a while longer!

My purple t-shirt is my buddy for life and always a constant reminder of where I came from and where I will never return!

So now when I ask you to look at this object, I hope you see more then just a sluggish piece of cotton. Metaphorically it means much more then just a t-shirt.

Lastly, I challenge you to find your inspirational t-shirt and start moving… No doctor is going to write you a prescription to get off your ass!

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